Yoga is an art and science that has been developed over thousands of years to help human beings recognize and honor the body for its original design and purpose—as an instrument of tremendous potential, power and joy. In practice, we will employ the imagination and a focus on the architecture of the poses in order to create energy, a feeling of spaciousness, and a heightened awareness of the body and mind.



Attention to breath is the fastest and surest way to bring ourselves back home, back to the body. The breathing exercises are simple and effective, and the result is a body flooded with fresh oxygen. 70% of the toxins in the body are removed through the lungs—breathwork quickly moves waste out which therefore optimizes the functions of the body and increases energy. The effects last up to four hours and enables performance at a higher level athletically and intellectually.



The mind is constantly processing information, forming thoughts and telling stories—most of those thoughts and stories are not new but are recycled, slightly different versions and colors of previous experiences. Sitting quietly calms the mind which creates mental space and gives us the opportunity to step off the hamster’s wheel to have an original, richer and more creative experience.


Cold Exposure

The cold accesses and activates the body’s primal strength that was inherited from our ancestors who thrived in arctic conditions without the means or technology we have today. It is a powerful reminder of what our bodies are truly capable of—it gets us back in touch with our raw physicality and innate resilience—and it’s invigorating! Plunging into the ice stimulates and develops our biology, our immune system, our nervous system, and the benefits are many—to name a few: Improved circulation, energy, metabolism and sleep.